My Underused Minolta Lenses

I shot this roll of Portra 400 shortly before my brief hiatus. I didn’t do anything crazy with this roll, but I did force myself to shoot it with a few lenses in my collection that I tend to under use: my Minolta macro and telephoto lenses. I really love how sharp these lenses are, and I certainly plan on using them a lot more going forward.

FilmKodak Portra 400
CameraMinolta X-700
LensMinolta MD Macro 50mm f3.5
Minolta MD 135mm f3.5
DeveloperFlic Film C41
ScannerThe Negative Space

1 thought on “My Underused Minolta Lenses”

  1. LOVE these pictures. You certainly have a unique eye and take pics of things most people wouldn’t see. The results are 👍🏻👍🏻
    You I definitely should be using these lenses more. Great job!


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