Experimenting With Vision 3

Hey everyone, long time no post! I took this past week off photography stuff (aside from a few tiktoks) and I’m feeling refreshed and excited to get back to regular posting!

Today I’m going to share a roll of Kodak Vision 3 250D that I tried a few things with: I shot it at 400 ISO, and I developed it in C41 instead of ECN2. The motivation for this was that I just got a roll of CineStill’s new 400D film, and while the company is insistent that it’s a NEW emulsion, there is speculation that it’s pretty much remjet-less Kodak Vision 3 250D. Anyway, I wanted to compare for myself, so I shot this while waiting for the CineStill stuff to arrive.

FilmKodak Vision 3 250D (xpro)
CameraMinolta X-700
LensMinolta MD 28-85mm f3.5 Zoom Macro
DeveloperFlic Film C41
ScannerThe Negative Space

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Evan Purney