A Weekend in Moncton

Today I’m sharing a roll I shot in my home town of Moncton, New Brunswick: my first ever roll of Fomapan 200! I’ve shot Fomapan 100 a few times before, and have gone back and forth on it, so I’ve been looking forward to trying out some of their other offerings. Overall, I think I’m starting to come around on foma films, but I’m still not sure if I’d reach for them over offerings by Kodak or Ilford. I’d be interested to hear what other people’s experiences with them have been though!

All that said, I am really happy with these photos I got while visiting home. I feel like It took leaving the city to find some of the beauty in it.

FilmFomapan 200
CameraMinolta X-700
LensMinolta MD 28-85mm f3.5 Zoom Macro
DeveloperFlic Film Black White & Green
ScannerThe Negative Space

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Evan Purney